Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are supported?

tLightning supports all industry standard browsers

​* Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Apple Safari.hese browsers.

What happens if I lose internet service?

Lightning Emergency Mode is an add-on product to our Lightning Online Point of Sale® primary application. This add-on is considered a must have for all users. Since Lightning Online Point of Sale® is contingent on your store's internet ​​connection, what happens if your store, or our multiple servers, experience a connectivity issue? We have that covered!  With Emergency Mode your business can continue to check-out customers while connectivity issues are being resolved.*   

*Emergency Mode requires setup prior to an emergency.

How does Technical Support work?

Support is available seven days a week, on the second ring with no hold times.  No voice mail, no automated phone system with prompts, simply a technician asking how they can help you. Looking for an asterisk?  There is none.

What are your pricing plans?

Review our table of plans/features (Silver/Gold/Platinum) to determine which plan is right for your store. Plus, no contracts are required, cancel anytime.

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Does this POS offer gift cards program?

Yes, and we do so perfectly. This all depends if you have a single location or run a larger chain. A few options are available. 

Can I access my data from home?

Since Lightning Online Point of Sale® is cloud-based, you have full access to all your store's data, not only from home, but from anywhere an internet connection is available.  Open your browser, enter your log in credentials and you're in.  Want more excitement, then check out Lightning Online Point of Sale® for the iPad or Lightning Online Point of Sale® for the iPhone   (Available at the Apps Store).

What is the 'Today's Sales' feature about?

This is an excellent snapshot of your business data for the current day. Seven tabs of data display a wealth of information within seconds ... from total sales, number of invoices, average invoice, gift cards, rewards status, invoices, items sold, profitability and much more.  Always be in the know.

Windows 11 Based Registers

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer.  All Lightning users, if they have not done so already, must migrate to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge when they purchase a Windows 11 based computer. Click here to see the details

Learn more about delivery services from Lightning integrations and beyond

You can learn more about delivery services in general, from Lightning integrations and beyond.       

If you plan on participating, this link is a highly recommended read.  As we go into detail on what each delivery service, i.e. Drizly, Instacart,, Uber/Uber Eats, Door Dash, and beyond, offers. 

Does Lightning POS offer multiples sales tax rates?

The system handles four tax rates per item. from percentage based to flat taxes.  If your local community taxes it, then Lightning Online Point of Sale® can collect it.
Example:  Wine could have the primary sales tax rate of 5.25%, then an additional 1.25% alcohol surcharge. Then throw on top of that an additional 0.75% school tax and also a flat tax.​.

Can I set up bag fee?

Lightning Online Point of Sale has various ways of setting up a bag fee, if required by your state or local municipality.  Click here to check out our basic and fast way to set this up to ensure you are following all applicable regulations.

Does Lightning POS partner with Quickbooks online?

Computer Perfect is integrated with QuickBooks Online, the leading accounting software for small businesses. The integration allows Lightning Online Point of Sale users to automatically export their daily closing sales along with accounts payables which then is automatically imported into QuickBooks Online.  No manual inputs are required, as the accounting process is automatic and free from human error. Click here for more information.

Does Lightning POS partner with businesses

such as Delivery Services?

Lightning has forged strong partnerships with major companies which enhance our family of products. From Intuit QuickBooks Online, Drizly,  MiniBar, Delivery,, Beverage Media, Wine Fetch, Bottlenose, Constant Contact and more...

What kind of Marketing Tools does Lightning provide?

Lightning Online Point of Sale®  is much more than an inventory control application. It also includes a robust marketing center to help you sustain and grow your business.
​It has capabilities such as, but not limited to:
Integration with Constant Contact for strong email marketing campaigns.  (Great option)
 * Requires a monthly subscription
 Robust customer tracking reports where the results of your queries can be sent to Lightning's marketing center. 
  *  Inactive Customers
  *  New Customers
  *  Top Customers within any time period
  *  Who purchased 'x' between $ x.xx - $ x.xx
  *  Your favorite product has arrived; handle it
All our filtering options allow a store to target customers based on their buying patterns.  Especially useful if a customer has not re-visited your store in a few weeks.

How can I enter Customer Data?

Quickly start to key in the address and Lightning will display a listing of addresses, including city, state and ZIP. Data entry has never been easier.

Physical Inventories - How does Lightning work?

It is not a fun day when the time comes to count your inventory; however Lightning Online Point of Sale® is well equipped to handle this task.  From hand held portable inventory data collectors to working with multiple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) all at the same time.

What type of Inventory does Lightning support?

Lightning supports various types of inventory management.
 - A  standard item that is sold at the register, received by your staff, can be placed  on​ purchase orders and  allows the most detailed way of monitoring an item.

 - Products you buy and sell but don’t need to track qty. on hand levels. Items such as nuts and bolts would be an ideal example.

 - Services you provide to your customers such as gift wrapping, delivery, etc.

 - Ideal for items that contain multi-items.  A gift basket would be an ideal situation to utilize this type.

 - Items such as soup that comes in a large can of XXX ounces and then is sold in smaller quantities ie Small 5 oz. Medium 8 oz. and more. 

 - Items that are sold in different packaging variations such as beverages ie Single,
six pack, Case and more.

How do I change Employee Security Settings?

You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box

Pax Connection Troubleshooting

Is your Lightning Ring Sales screen unable to communicate with your Pax credit card device?

If your credit card device is not configured for static, there is a possibility your computer's I.P. address has changed, which could also stop your Pax credit card device from communicating with your computer.


Please click the corresponding link below to update the Pax IP address:


Click here if you have a Pax S300  

Click here if you have their Android line, I.E., A35, A920, A60, etc. 


How are Lightning Updates distributed?

> Lightning Online Point of Sale®, which runs through your browser. All updates are posted directly to our cloud servers which means when you log in you automatically are working on the most current version.
​>Lightning for the iPad & iPhone With all iOS applications, we post updates to the Apple store, which you can download manually or have your device configured to automatically download/install the updates. We also have an automatic feature where when you try to log in the system will give you a message that a new update is available and take you to the Apple Store page for immediate download.
>Lightning E-Commerce Updates are posted directly to our cloud servers which means when your customers go to your site ( they automatically are working on the most current version.
>Lightning Emergency Mode On Windows based computers, Emergency Mode is configured to check our servers for updates every morning. If an update is found it is automatically installed.

Please note: Emergency Mode requires setup prior to an emergency.
>Lightning Corporate Office: All updates are posted directly to our cloud servers which means when you log in you automatically are work
ing on the most current version.

Can users offer feature suggestions to Lightning POS?

If you feel any product within our Lightning Online Point of Sale® family needs a feature, please tell us. If you, click here you will be taken to our Contact Us page.  We deeply care and are always anxious to hear from you on improving our platform.

Is a Lightning Manual available?

Yes, we have a one-hundred page+ manual which is available within Lightning Online Point of Sale®. You can always request a hard copy for a fee, if needed.

What kind of hardware does Lightning POS work with?

Windows Platform

>Credit Card Devices:

Pax S300, A35, Pax A920, and DeJavoo Credit card devices are supported. 

>Pole Displays:

Lightning Enhanced Pole Display includes an Android 8" tablet enclosed in a custom stand.

>Label Printers:

Bixolon  direct thermal models or Zebra manufacturers are supported 

We support the following label sizes:

2.25” X 0.75”
2.25” X 1.25”
2.25” X 3.00”

iOS Platform:
Star TSP 100 series, network receipt printer.
Socket Mobile series iOS scanners (We are a certified, integrated developer).
Pax S300, A920,& Dejavoo mobile devices are supported.
The Z6 has a signature pad built in, the Z1 does not which means the clerk must flip iOS device so they can sign on the screen.

Hardware: iOS Scanner

Set up of a bar code scanner for your iOS Device 

Lightning for your Apple product is integrated into the Socket Mobile scanner line.  This link details how to put the scanner into iOS mode which allows you to use the on-screen keyboard and the scanner at the same time. 

Click here to learn everything you need to know about Credit Card Rules and Chargebacks.

If you don't see something you're looking for, please call us at 914-633-8959 or Contact Us.