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Delivery Service Providers - Key Differences

The following is a breakdown of the services offered by the leading Delivery Service Providers - from integration to Lightning Online Point of Sale and others.

Delivery Services

Industry Best Served

Alcohol, grocery, food, and beyond.

Alcohol based. 

Merged/Acquired/Partnered with

Alcohol, grocery, food, and beyond.

The companies noted above are online marketplaces. They only capture and distribute orders to the selected retail outlets. You can sign up for their service only if you have your own delivery personnel as you will need to send your team members to make the delivery*

Alcohol, grocery, food, and beyond.

Instacart has a different business model as they make the delivery for you. When an order arrives, their people will come to the store and pick up the merchandise and deliver it.

Alcohol, grocery, food, and beyond.

Is there a Commission payable?

Yes, each of these companies has to be paid a commission to service your business's order. Unfortunately, in most situations, this is expensive and would cut into your profit margin making it no longer be feasible. 

Not so with Lightning! 

Lightning has different pricing levels for each product and delivery service.

Here is an example of an ideal pricing model for item XYZ:king on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box

Your pricing and inventory levels are automatically streamed in the background every hour to each service, except for, which only receives data once per twenty-four hours.

Other notables:

The Door Dash Variable:

There are two different Door Dash divisions; each would require a separate account:

Door Dash (Merchant Account)

If you would like to sell your products on, please note similar to Uber Eats, they also don't offer the ability for third-party systems to upload products to their servers. However, please get in touch with them if you would like to participate in their service regardless, otherwise known as Door Dash Market Place.
Door Dash (Drive Account)
If you are using Lightning E-Commerce, our platform enables you to hire Dashers to deliver your products.  A Dasher would come to your store to pick up the items and make the delivery for you.

In your Lightning E-Commerce Dashboard, orders marked as 'Deliver' will include a 'Hire Dasher' option, which will allow you to obtain the following:


-Pick-up time

-Signature requirements


-Delivery time

Plus, our technology includes order tracking and the ability to cancel the Dasher.

See more on Lightning E-Commerce Door Dash capabilities at

Not all services are available in all regions of the United States
You must agree to their terms and conditions of service.
Some services collect the sales tax on your behalf, which varies from state to state.
Even if you apply to delivery service X, that does not mean they will accept you due to market saturation. They may have sufficient retailers servicing your area.