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Lightning E-Commerce

Lightning E-Commerce can expand the power and reach of your retail business with a truly integrated E-Commerce website that helps you to stand out from your competition, including mobile apps for your clients.  It enables you to deploy an E-Commerce website which is 100% integrated with your retail store.   Since both Lightning Online Point of Sale and Lightning E-Commerce  are developed by us, you can enjoy the flexibility of a truly integrated solution.  No double entries.  An added plus are starter images for some industries. 

Lightning E-Commerce gives your customers the power to stay connected to your in-store POS.  From real-time inventory, rewards points, web purchase/in-store purchases, gift card balance checks........the power is in their hands, literally. 

Whatever your customer's device of choice, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, let them shop with real-time connectivity. 

Desktop View 
​We have invested an extraordinary amount of time and effort  to ensure the desktop and mobile sites are user friendly along with good load times.

Mobile Apps Included
Your own, custom-branded mobile app is included.  Very similar to the website, as your customers can use your mobile app to place orders for delivery, pickup at the store, manage their account, review purchase histories, process quick re-orders...and much more.

Mobile View
 We have multiple mobile views, one of which is featured alongside.

Starter Images      
​Depending on your industry, we provide thousands of starter images with extended descriptions to ensure you're able to get your site up and running. Products pages with images have a much higher percentage of views/sales. 

If an inventory item is flagged as ‘Sell on Internet’ it will be available online, ready for sale!  Changes to an item at the store level are instantly streamed to your website, from price changes, quantities, descriptions, images, headers, alt-tags, and a whole lot more. Thus making Lightning one of the best POS and eCommerce integration systems available to retailers. 

No Image Handling
When a product on your site does not have an image, you can define which of our pre-set images you want to use, or you can define your own. An example where an image is not available for a product is shown below.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance*
We have partnered with AccessiBe, developers of an AI tool that ensures your site is compliant with  ADA guidelines. 

*This feature is optional and requires a monthly subscription with our partner. 

A customer that is added in your retail store can access their sales history and place new orders, on your website.  Please note that an email address must be on file for the website to authenticate an existing customer.      

Your customers can manage their account:
- View In-Store and Online purchases.
- Easy re-ordering.
- Manage their stored credit card.
- Review their loyalty rewards status (if applicable).
- Add/Edit/Delete their multiple ship-to/delivery addresses.
- Start the return process if the item is within its return eligibility.
- View their personalized Wish List. 
- Update their password.​

Reward Programs
If you utilize a rewards program, then points and rebates are available for the customer, directly on your website.  If a customer make a purchase at your store, that customer will instantly see the points and items purchased on your website..  The image alongside represents a quick balance check on the website.

E-Mail Blasts
​​Lightning E-Commerce allows you to create email blasts based on an array of filters. This enables you to build a newsletter, then blast it out to your fan base.

Wish List

Visitors can create a personilized ‘Wish List.'
Automatic emails can be enabled to remind customers that XXX is in their wish list after a period of time. 

Live Chat
Activate a free live chat interface on your site.  Plus download the chat app so you'll never miss a customer again within your predetermined hours. ​
21 Check (recommended for sites that sell alcoholic beverages)
Recommended for business models that sell items where the purchaser must be 21 or older.  There are three ways Lightning E-Commerce can handle this which are laid out below. ​

E-Commerce Dashboard

At login, a dashboard will appear with all pending orders, including delivery method and payment status. This data is as real time as it gets.

Internal Options on Building your Site
​Industry Selection
​By selecting an industry, this allows you to choose from a catalog of pre-set images for your home page and others to ensure a faster startup.  Your selected industry does not alter the website features.​

Event Calendar
​Promote your business by posting events at your store in the ‘Event Calendar’ section.  This wonderfully designed screen, on desktop and mobile devices, can showcase your tastings, contests, and other organized events your business model needs.  Even if you don’t currently have in-store events, now is the time to think about expanding your business model. 

Display Drink Recipes

If you’re in the wine & spirits industry, on each item that contains keywords such as Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Tequila, Bourbon in the description.   The website visitor can select to view and/or email that recipe.​

Home Banner

Insert up to three images, for your desktop and and three images for your mobile views, which will gently slide across your home page.   Includes the ability to insert Alt Tag text and captions. 
The interface is well laid out and allows you to select from our system an assortment of pre-set images per industry or upload your own.

Return Processing

Our return processing feature makes customer returns quick and easy.  A customer can simply select why he or she wishes to return the item, and will have the option to return the item to the store or by mail.  You will find our set up screen below. 

. ​