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Lightning POS Emergency Mode

Lightning Emergency (offline) Mode is an add-on product to our Lightning Online Point of Sale primary application.  It is a mature, robust application which keeps your business operational in the event of an internet connection being lost.  ​​This add-on is considered a must have for all users. With Emergency Mode your business can continue to check-out customers while the connectivity issues are being resolved.

*Limitations apply

Lightning Online Point of Sale offers a small application which is installed on your local computer that will continue to run your store if your internet connection is lost. Emergency Mode requires setup prior to an emergency and is available to Lightning Silver and Gold users. 
​Emergency (Offline) Mode requires setup prior to an emergency.
Merging of Data:
Sales that were performed in Emergency Mode are stored in the local hard drive and will be merged back to the Lightning Online Point of Sale web servers when the connectivity issues are resolved. Inventory quantities, each invoice and more will be merged so no lose of business data will occur.​​​
Merging the sales is as simple as can be.  When you log off you will be presented with the following screen which we feel needs no further clarification.
​​Hardware Testing:
All of your point of sale hardware will work in Emergency (Offline) Mode such as cash drawers, receipt printers, credit card readers/signature pads and pole displays. ​We  recommend you do the required configurations/testing prior to an emergency. A confirmation page will appear. All your data will be merged instantly and flawlessly! It'll be like nothing ever happened. The better prepared your organization is for an internet outage the smoother this crises will play out.

Credit Card Processing:
If Lightning Online Point of Sale servers are experiencing connectivity issues then your store can run in Emergency Mode and continue to ring sales including processing credit cards.

Lightning Emergency Mode


Only sales can be performed in Emergency Mode. No back office functions such as receiving inventory, sales reports, altering security settings and more is available. Emergency Mode will only be used in true emergencies and its focus is to keep your registers generating sales.