Computer Perfect

Lightning Digital Marketing

Lightning Digital Marketing is built on P.O.S. technologies to offer advertising of products and services available in the store and provide another contact point for merchants to connect with their customers. 

Enhanced Pole Displays

Our innovative Enhanced Pole Display utilizes an 8” tablet for a perfectly sized, crisp visual experience for transaction details at the point of check out. When the register is idle, streaming ads (non-audio) featuring products available in your retail segment will loop in intervals with attractive and vivid imagery. 

The Enhanced Pole Display is available, in most situations, at no fee and there is no upkeep on the retailers end, as all images are maintained by us.  

Elevate your business with the Lightning Enhanced Pole Display.

In-Store Kiosks

The Lightning In-Store Kiosk is provided at no fee, (in most situations), to merchants who subscribe to the Lightning Online P.O.S. system. It utilizes your store's data, in real-time to provide an interactive collaboration between you and your customer. It's an opportunity to educate, inform, inspire and promote your business. 

Our Lightning In-Store Kiosk allows your customer to quickly perform inventory look-up, price checks, gift card balance checks, loyalty status, food pairing, sign-up new customers, and promote specific products or new arrivals

Improve your marketing and promotion efforts with Lightning In-Store Kiosk, available only to Lightning POS customers.  

We install our Kiosk and there are no additional fees to the store, no maintenance required.