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About Us

Established in 1989, Computer Perfect is a time-tested company of solid financial standing that offers various retail environments the power of the Lightning Retail P.O.S. Platform.  As technology has evolved over the years, so have we. To date, we have invested millions of dollars in our Lightning product line to keep pace with rapid changes in technologies and the competitive landscape of our clients’ retail businesses.

We have now extended our offering to retailers to encompass an integrated Retail POS Technology Platform that is designed to help our customers manage their business, help them to grow and serve their customers better.  The Platform encompasses an In-Store P.O.S., an integrated E-Commerce module and a new Digital Marketing service, all created to help our retailers engage in an interactive collaboration with their customers. 

Lightning Digital Marketing helps our clients reach consumers where it counts the most, in their stores.  With the Lightning Enhanced Pole Display, brand advertisers for products sold in the store can now reach the consumer directly at close range.  The Lightning In-Store Kiosk allows the retail merchant to connect shoppers and the community to promote their business, provide an opportunity to inform, inspire and educate consumers on their store offerings.

Our refined and proven Platform provides solutions to the unique needs of retailers.  Our systems are scalable from a single store operation to a multi-location enterprise.  Today lightning is deployed in several different retail formats including single register stores, multi-store operations and national franchises.

Lightning provides superior USA based technical support with no hold times and a real person to help. There are no contracts as our clients enjoy the benefits and advantages of our cutting-edge P.O.S. platform. 

At Computer Perfect, we embrace the future of POS and position our Technology Platform and services to put our clients in the driver’s seat.  Don’t surrender to the past, rather, be part of the future with the Lightning Retail POS platform.