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Lightning Corporate Office

Lightning Corporate Office allows our multi-store retailers and national franchise operators to control their network of locations from a single dashboard in real time. ​

Strong Employee Control
When an employee is added in Lightning Corporate Office, he/she will have access rights across your global network, based on settings that are easily defined. ​ 

Multiple Sales Reports
A full array of sales reports can be run, for a single location in California, to an Area Representatives territory, to the entire network.  All data, including our reporting tools are real-time with multiple filtering options and will certainly impress. ​

Control your E-Commerce settings and orders from one dashboard.  Our 'My Dashboard' feature provides useful insights into the day's online ordering activity, such as delivery requests, will pick up at store, shipping and more. Lightning Corporate Office has this level of control built in at the enterprise level

New Vendors
New vendors are propagated across your enterprise instantly.  Plus, each local territory can also add their own vendors that are unique to their region.

Franchise operations can define royalty percentages, which will trigger a commercial ACH debit, for the franchise fees and national advertising programs.

Technical Service

All Lightning Corporate Office users, will experience the same level of technical support that the retail stores have.  I.E. Second ring, with zero hold time, or a very quick response to email inquiries.  When you care, it really shows. Your business is always appreciated

Area Representatives
Area Representatives can be defined  for franchise environments for royalties of their territory sales performance.