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Browser Compatibility - Need to Know

With all users now being required to upgrade to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (Since Internet Explorer has been discontinued), there are differences in how your POS hardware will communicate with the new browser.

Printer Dialog Box 

Cash Drawers

Enhanced Pole Displays

Credit Card Readers

You may have noticed that when you used Internet Explorer, in the Ring Sales screen, the Printer Dialog Box did not pop up.  This is because we use Microsoft Active-X technology to bypass this dialog box and instantly print to a pre-defined printer. 


However, this technology is not available in Windows 11 and nor is there a workaround.

At the time of each sale the printer dialog box will appear requiring the clerk to touch ‘enter’ or click the mouse to Print a receipt.  In itself this is not significant as it only entails a quick extra stroke. 

More importantly,  Lightning will lose control of the cash drawer since we cannot communicate with the printer directly and, therefore, cannot send a signal to the current cash drawers with the units deployed in the field.  Without engaging the printer, the cash drawer will not open.  This limitation applies to all cloud-based packages on the market, with no exceptions.  A cash drawer key may be the most straightforward workaround unless you upgrade your cash drawer to a network unit, where the drawer plugs your router, which might not be cost-effective.    Another option would be for the printer to pop the cash drawer.  When a receipt is generated, the printer will send the signal to the cash drawer.  Yes, you are first thinking this is great, but 95% of our users don't print cash receipts, so this option is not for all. 

The old-style Logic Control Pole Displays will also not operate under Windows 11.  However, our Lightning Enhanced Pole Display, will be fully compatible in any environment.  It is essentially a 7" or 8” Android tablet (spectacular customer-facing device), offered at $ 325 for a one-time setup/licensing fee. 

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Also, all current credit card devices will remain compatible, with no limitations.  This includes our Pax S300, A35, and our mobile unites Pax A920, A60 along with our Dejavoo units.