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  • Lightning Retail P.O.S. Technology Platform

    In-Store P.O.S.  |  E-Commerce  | Digital Marketing

  • Lightning Retail P.O.S. Technology Platform

    In-Store P.O.S.  |  E-Commerce  | Digital Marketing

  • The Future of P.O.S.

    In-Store P.O.S. | E-Commerce | Digital Marketing

In-Store Point of Sale


Digital Marketing

  • Fast transaction processing
  • From one store to an enterprise
  • Impressive reporting tools
  • Need more, just ask.  Our platform is strong, 
    robust and flexible. 
  • Real-Time inventory with your store's POS.
  • Mobile apps included for your customers.
  • Access to our image database for quick startup*
  • Ship, Pick-Up at Store, Delivery, Gift Wrapping, all while maintaining real time integration with your store.
  • Kiosk placed on your retail floor i.e.
    Price Checks/Gift Cards/Loyalty/.....
  • Superior Pole Display options
  • Perfectly designed, from hardware to our Lightning Digital Marketing software. 

Customer Video Testimonials

We love our Customers and they really love us! 

Click here and view a host of our valued customers describe their experience of working with Lightning Online P.O.S. platform.  

Our Lightning Online P.O.S. technology platform is suited for various retail environments.

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Wine & Spirits

Beauty Supplies

Pet Shops

Health & Wellness

How Lightning dominates the P.O.S. Space

More than 90% of Lightning's current users switched to Lightning Online POS after struggling with other retail systems. 

And, Lightning Online P.O.S. succeeded in putting the power back into their hands. With a retail management system designed specially for their environment, from in-store to e-commerce and now to Digital Marketing.

Flexible, Scalable

From a single store environment to multi-location retailers and national franchises. 

Technical Support

‚Äč7 days a week with virtually no hold time.   Looking for an asterisk....there is none.  

Experienced & Dependable

We have been in the business since 1989 and are a proven company with a large customer base and superior support services. 

Trustworthy & Solid

Financially strong and stable. We are a point of sale technology platform, which all begins at the in-store point of sale. 

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