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  • A Flexible yet Robust Pet Store POS to Fit Your Needs

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Give Customers a Reason to Return

Advanced Discounts

  • Automatic discounts at the register once a predetermined number of qualifying items are sold. 
  • Discounts can be set up by a fixed dollar or percentage.

Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Keep your customers coming back by setting up a loyalty rewards program.   
  • Lightning POS handles it from one location to multiple. Just swipe the customer’s rewards card or use their mobile number.
  • A full array of reports are available, including points given/redeemed, per day, and detailed tracking by customer/date range. 

Seamless E-Commerce Integration*

  • In-store inventory data are instantly streamed to your E-Commerce site
  • Customers can access their sales history, manage their rewards, review their stored shipping/delivery addresses, place quick re-orders and more.

Customized Mobile App Included

  • Your customers can use a mobile app to place orders for delivery, manage their account, review purchase histories, process quick re-orders etc.
*Lightning E-Commerce is an Add-On Feature

Manage your inventory

Inventory Management Features

  • “Mass promotions” feature which allows you to extend/terminate Promotional prices/coupons.
  • Perform mass price updates on your inventory.
  • Extract profitability report per item or department category.
  • Analyze Best sellers and Slow movers.
  • Issue POs to your vendors.
  • The system helps you manage your min/max inventory levels.
Ring Sales Screen
Sales Graph
Employee Security


Promote your business with vital business data.

Marketing Center

  • Lightning offers multiple tools to promote your business.
  • Lightning can capture key demographics on your customers.
  • Reach out to customers who haven’t visited in a while. 
  • Alert customers when their favorite items arrive. 
  • Realize what customers purchase at which prices. Produce new customer reports or anything else you could think of.

Technical Support

Live Technical Support

Our technical service support is our badge of honor.  An actual technical expert who is well equipped  to help will pick up the phone and respond to your specific query.

Software Updates

Updates happen automatically so you have the latest version of the entire Lightning family of products

Corporate Office*

Scalable from One Store to an Enterprise

  • Centralize your inventory, enter it once at the corporate level, as a new item will be automatically distributed to a single location, region to the entire network
  • All data, including our reporting tools are real-time with multiple filtering options and will certainly impress. 
  • A full array of sales reports can be run from a single location to the entire network.
*Lightning Corporate Office is an Add-On Feature.

Offline Mode in Case of Internet Disconnection

Lightning Emergency Mode 

  • With Lightning Emergency Mode, your business can continue to check-out customers while the connectivity issues are being resolved in the background.
  • Combat bad weather or internet connectivity issues.

For More Information, download our Pet Store brochure.