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Our Badge of Honor - Your 5 Star Reviews

Source: Capterra Reviews

Great POS Program

Great experience. Buying a program is stressful with so many options. The staff at Lightning made it easy. I like the customer service the most. They are nice, knowledgeable and very professional. I can call and actually speak to a real person. I did not have to email, then schedule an appointment, days away, and I really appreciated their sale. It was not the hard sell drama that has become the norm. He answered every question and helped with my set up. This is a great company. Every employee that I have spoken to has been nice and know their product!

Lightening POS

Lightening POS is most useful in my day to day operations in running sales, reports & inventory. One downside is that it is internet hosted so when internet is out so is the retail system.

Convenience Lightning POS

Ones you understand and learn the benefits of Lightning POS it significantly ease of running your business. Inventory control. We are able to truck how much inventory we have, how often it is sold(popularity), pricing etc.

Lightning POS has everything a business owner would want!

Excellent POS solution and the folks at Computer Perfect are great to work with!

The user interface is interactive and exciting to work with. With any work-in-progress there are features that need improvement, but the software and hardware team are constantly adding fixes and improvements. The program just offered more for the money!


Lightning Online, is a one stop for all of your retail needs, cash register, inventory.

This product satisfies all of our needs in one program.

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Liquor store pos best I’ve seen

Immaculate company!!! Impressive software!!! Total retail solutions!!!( remember they will add what you ask for but you have to be reasonable). Allows you to make suggestions and they add a feature in to allow your suggestions to become reality. I don’t really want to share this but I think it’s being selfish, I think this is hands down the best investment anyone in retail industry can make, the reason I didn’t want to share is because I don’t want anyone to have to same advantage I have using this system, Easy to use, customer service, better quality product, time to learn, time to spend inputting invoices, adding products, editing, updating inventory, this list will go on and on because they are really the elite retail pos company out there.