Why you should have Lightning Retail POS for your store?

November 11,2021 02:19 PM By Thomas Greco

"Opening a store isn't easy", they say.  With high rent, insurance, supply shortages etc., it is clearly difficult to keep businesses afloat these days. As a business owner, you have to manage your employees, sales, inventory and many other factors. But opening a store can be easy with a good POS system. This article will show you how having a point-of-sale system (POS) that does all the heavy lifting makes it easier for your business.  


What are Point-of-Sale systems (POS)?    

A POS system is like a digital cash register system. When customers bring their items to check out, they are paying through the point-of-sale system.  

What does a Point-of-Sale system do? 

The point-of-sale system has evolved to support business in more ways than just performing check out transactions. 

Lightning POS, for example, includes a list of features that help businesses manage the store in any location, some of our major features include: 

  • Employee Management  

Lightning POS offers clear and detailed reports that include payroll, clock-in & clock-out hours, etc. To avoid any mistakes and human errors in entering data, it can also collect security logs that record all actions taken by any employee. 

  • Inventory Management  

As inventory count changes with each purchase in the store or online, our software provides real time inventory on all the platforms including on your phone, iPad, website and the in-store register. With this feature, businesses can avoid discrepancies in inventory count when managing from a different platform. 

As the giant online market place grows, every business needs to evaluate how it can best take advantage of the changing environment.  Without a doubt, websites have become a must-have for all Brick-and-mortar retail businesses regardless of size. To help maximize its reach to its target audience, Lightning POS created an E-commerce platform for brick-and-mortar retail stores. The website is completely integrated with the In-store POS system, it doesn't require double entries and we even design and build the website for you. 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

We provide customer loyalty programs, allowing you to keep track of when and what they've purchased from your store.  Providing rewards and points is an efficient method to have customers return to your store. Lightning POS reward programs are redeemed simply by scanning their rewards card and providing their mobile phone number. 

During an emergency, such as internet outage, Lightning POS allows you to switch to emergency mode. Emergency mode will allow you to conduct business and ring sales as usual.  All transactions will automatically update the database when you exit Emergency Mode once internet service resumes. 

Digital tools have opened up a whole new world of possibilities that enhance the shopping experience for customers and provide new avenues for retailers to interact with their customers. Take the example of the Pole Display which has not seen any change in decades. Seeing an opportunity here, Computer Perfect designed an upgraded version that uses its Lightning POS Platform to make the check-out process more engaging and productive.  Our new Enhanced Pole Displays are capable of streaming store-relevant advertising content with crisp visual displays. 

Why Lightning POS?  

A successful business is going to need an affordable yet reliable POS system. The Lightning Retail POS Platform provides the best value in terms of functionality for the price offered. An important piece of advice for purchasing a P.O.S. system is doing research. Understanding what your store needs will help you find the POS system that best suits your environment. 

Our developers are constantly updating the software to best suit our clients. Business owners benefit from a dynamic, up-to-date and evolving system.  As a business grows and expands the number of store locations, we will be able to accommodate that growth with our Lightning Corporate Office which allows you to manage more than one store front from any location. 

Lightning has been in business since 2010.  90% of our new customers have upgraded from other vendor systems due to our flexibility, reliability, expanded functionalities and security.  

On top of that, our system is a cloud-based system that offers: 

  • Superior USA based Technical Support 

  • Credit card processor integrations 

  • Integration with major delivery services 

Why is Lightning Retail POS Platform important for your business? 

The retail industry is evolving rapidly, and so should your store. Do not limit your potential using manual or outdated POS systems.  The Lightning Retail POS Platform will help you work smarter not harder.  Be part of the future with Lightning. 

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