7 Significant Ways Lightning Online Point of Sale System and E-commerce Integration Empowers Your Retail Store

March 18,2022 10:00 AM By Pilloo
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Lightning Online POS and Lightning E-Commerce are both developed by Computer Perfect and operate on a single robust platform. This means they are 100% integrated and can put exponential power in your hands.   Few other E-Commerce providers can offer this technology that can significantly expand the power and reach of your business.   Apart from helping you build your website, Lightning also provides tools for marketing and mechanisms to increase customer loyalty and have them come back to your store for points and rewards. 

The resulting benefits of total integration are numerous, both for retailers and for their customers. Here are 7 ways Lightning E-Commerce can empower your store: 

  1. Flexibility and Ease of Operations (live inventory updates)  

You can enjoy the flexibility of a truly integrated solution between the inventory list on your online POS system and on your E-commerce.  No double entries ever with real-time updates. Every transaction or change in inventory gets updated automatically and instantly. This alone will set you free from repetitive tasks, so that you have more time to focus on what's most important – your store, your customers, your future. 

  1. Consumer Empowerment  

  • Manage Accounts   

Lightning E-Commerce puts the power of managing your customers' accounts into their hands, as they can stay connected to your in-store POS.  Whatever device your customer chooses - desktop, tablet, or mobile phone – it allows them to shop with real-time connectivity.  

  • Reward Programs  
    If you utilize Lightning’s rewards program, then points and rebates are available directly on your website and can be easily accessed by your customers.  If a customer makes a purchase at your store, he/she will instantly see the points and items purchased on your website.  The image alongside represents a quick balance check on the website.  
  1.  Display Customization    

  • Customized Mobile app    

You can offer your customers the benefit of custom branded mobile apps which makes you stand out from the competition.  Very similar to the website, your customers can use your mobile app to place orders for delivery, pickup at the store, manage their account, review purchase history, process quick re-orders...and much more. 

  • Help with building websites  

Lightning does the heavy lifting and builds the website for you. But we also give you internal options to customize the site to match your branding style and colors. 

       A. Product Images  

Depending on your industry, we provide thousands of product images with extended descriptions to ensure you're able to get your site up and running really quickly. Product pages with images have a much higher percentage of views/sales. 


        B. Retail Format  ​

Based on your industry, you can choose from a catalog of pre-set images for your home page and others to ensure a faster startup.  Your selected industry does not alter the website features. 

                         C. Customized Design  

Some of the important features include but are not limited to: 

  • Customize the colors of your theme with hex codes. 

  • Font options available for you to choose from. 

  • Upload your own customized homepage banners for seasonal use and to promote discounts in your store. 

  • Have your products categorized into different departments.   

  • Have your store logo and taglines displayed at the top of your website.   

Wine store Online Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Liquor Store

Pet store Online Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Pet Supplies Store

Wine store Online Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Wine Store

  1. Marketing Tools 

  • Event Calendar  
    ​​Promote your business by posting events at your store in the ‘Event Calendar’ section.  This wonderfully designed screen can showcase the in-store events to help grow your business.  Even if you don’t currently have in-store events, now is the time to think about expanding your connection to your customers. 


  • Live Chat 

Chat with your customers live and provide quick responses to their questions. This feature builds trust and customer loyalty, and you will never miss a customer again with our live chat feature on your E-Commerce site. 


  1. Return Processing 

Our return processing feature makes returns quick and easy for your customers.  A customer can simply select from a drop-down list why he or she wishes to return the item, and will be offered the option to return the item to the store or by mail.  


  1. Age 21+ Verification

This feature is specifically for Wine & Spirits stores, it requires buyers to confirm their age before browsing through your page for alcoholic drinks.  


  1. Google Analytics 

You can enable this feature to allow your pages to appear in searches directly from Google. This will optimize your site and help you reach a much larger audience.