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Combine the Power of Video Surveillance with POS Data

Solink's unique Solution for Retailers combines video monitoring with Lightning Online POS data for improved loss prevention and accurate fraud detection.

Solink and Lightning POS can help you:

·  Reduce theft and shrink by searching any transactions to review  the  corresponding footage

· Quickly collect and share incident footage to protect your employees and  customers

· Leverage your existing investment, including Lighting Online POS

· Save and Share video with internal and external users

· Improve operations without store visits using custom alerts and reports


Cloud Video Integrations

Combine Solink + Lighting POS and get real value from your systems. By syncing your Lighting POS transactions directly to the security video from your security camera system, Solink creates a dashboard of sales and clips that highlight the most important moments of the day.


Video Alarms Monitoring Service

Receive real-time alerts to your mobile device to immediately understand and respond to urgent situations. Video verification empowers you to cut through the noise of false alarms and identify the real risks to your business while using your existing cameras. 


Blocked Exit Detection

Proactively detect and address exit route obstructions with near real-time alerts. Reduce or eliminate fines from occupational health and safety organizations such as OSHA while improving safety for staff and customers. 


This interface is included in your Lightning Online POS subscription, but you are subject to the terms, conditions and pricing to add the Solink service.

 Interested in learning more?

We encourage you to check out a personalized demo and see why 20,000 sites in 32 countries trust Solink for their video security and alarm systems. Click the link to sign up for a free demo. It's a time investment you won't regret.