Lightning Online POS Annual Security Review

"As a leading Cloud-based Retail POS systems provider, Computer Perfect has always taken IT security as our highest responsibility. We keep our IT security systems up to date all year round, making sure to utilize cutting edge technology to protect our clients. It is our job to ensure that all applications and information available to our clients is secure. To further fortify security on the Lightning cloud, servers, and in-house infrastructure, our IT team at Computer Perfect is happy to share with our clients a comprehensive review and update of its security systems."

Luis Bosque, Chief Technology Officer

2022 Security Review 

Windows Server Updates 

We make sure that the servers that house your Lightning data are safe and have the most up to date Microsoft Security updates and patches. Additionally, we also utilize industry leading Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection.

iNap (Server Hosting Company)

INAP, our hosting company based in New Jersey houses our Lightning server farm. They have staff on hand 24/7 to detect, diagnose, and solve issues no sooner they occur. Also, INAP's data center is SOC2 compliant and hold up the strictest standards for server and network security. 

Please see our SOC2 Certification Report

SQL credentials

The Databases that hold your sensitive data are held under lock and key within our servers. Computer Perfect ensures we implement complex encrypted passwords to keep all parties secure.

SSL certificates

Computer Perfect is proud to work with Digicert,  a global leader in SSL certification and security. With their security tools, we ensure our customers websites and data are protected 24/7/365 days of the year. 


At Computer Perfect security is a top priority. We trust Webroot Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Services a global leader of robust protection systems and scanning utilities to ensure the protection of our servers, our office PC's and network.  


Our customer's data is vital to our operations. We go to great lengths to make sure your data is safe and a backup copy of your data is created every day, multiple times per day. In the event of an emergency, a copy is created and stored in a safe, secure location in Montreal, CA separate from our hosting company in New Jersey, USA

Third party certified partner

We periodically review our third-party certified partner relationships with a view to retaining only those whose security practices match our standards. 

Our Pledge to our Customers

As technology changes quickly. we pledge to our customers that we will always maintain a leading edge in Securing, Protecting, and Delivering the best possible Service and Security possible. Our team's top priority is your business.