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Sales Summary

Lightning has developed a special utility to help stores that are facing any difficulty in running their Sales Summary for the period July 15 - 25.

We recommend you run a Sales Summary report for July 15 - 25, 2023 and if grossly overstated sales are being reported, please advise, and we'll correct it in the backend.  The Sub-Total of sales is the value you should be concerned with, as this could possibly be an incorrect value that then triggers all other figures such as Total of Sales, Number of Invoices, Cash, etc.  

To recap, when our system was restored after the fire at the data center, some stores faced an issue when they began to merge their Emergency Mode sales to Lightning.  This created a significant overstatement of the stores sales.  If this is the case for your business, please complete the form below, and we'll correct this.  

Please use the Request for Sales Summary Utility Form below to contact us and we would be happy to help you run the new utility to recalculate those values.