Lightning Recovery Process - Progress is Being Made

Lightning Recovery Process Update – Tuesday August 8, 2023

In this update we will focus on Inventory

Inventory Qty on Hand (This has changed since our last update on July 31)

If your store experienced an inventory count issue due to the data center/merging issue, our team is in the process of writing a utility to adjust your values.  We will not perform this utility on your inventory, although we will let you know when this is available for your review.
You might not be aware that Lightning performs a sweep of your inventory on the first of each month in the early AM, with July 1st. being the sweep performed before the data center fire.  This report is accessible via:
  • Reports / Inventory / Inventory Levels.

Change the dates to 07/01/2023 as noted below and click 'Continue.'

Click 'Details' which brings up all the counts from that sweep.
We will use this as the starting point, then for each item, we'll perform the following calculation:

Example: Item XYZ activity, which shows 100 on hand on July 1 @ 3:01 AM
Item History:
Sold17/1/23 @ 8:45 AMNew Qty 99
Sold57/5/23 @ 12:45 PMNew Qty 94
Received507/5/23 @ 4:01 PMNew Qty 144
In-House Use27/6/23 @ 10:01 AMNew Qty 142
Sold27/7/23 @ 10:45 AMNew Qty 140
Spoilage47/8/23 @ 10:12 AMNew Qty 136
Sold-17/8/23 @ 4:41 PMNew Qty 137

Qty on Hand as of the current date/time:   137
These adjusted numbers, if you accept will also be noted in the items inventory security log. 

We expect this utility to be available by the first week of September and you will be notified via an email blast and a pop-up when you log into Lightning POS. 

Sales performed in Emergency Mode: - (NOTE: This comment was posted on July 31 and remains current.)

Our team also continues to work on the data recovery process related to the sales performed in Emergency Mode.  As of today, all stores have been re-merged, allowing you to obtain accurate sales reporting. 

For July 10th – 31st temporarily, please use the Sales Journal to get the Sub-Total, Taxes, Totals, Cash, etc. values, not the Sales Summary.

Sales Journal:
Step 1:

Enter the timeframe and click ‘Continue.’

Step 2:
When the data appears, click ‘Last’ on the bottom right corner, which will take you to the last page.

The correct values will appear as noted below. I.E., Sub-Total, Taxes, Total.

You can also click the ‘More’ button if needed, which brings up the currency breakdown and number of transactions. 

Sales Summary Report - (NOTE:  This comment was also posted July 31 and remains a work in progress.)

Our team is revising the inflated ‘Sales Summary’ reporting, also the ‘Weekly Snapshot’ for corporate users, which we anticipate will take two months.   All the reports built into Lightning are correct as they obtain their data from the primary Sales Journal reporting engine. 

Thank you.
The Computer Perfect Team.