Lightning Plans


 $ 139.00

One register
Ten non-registers


 $ 169.00

Two registers
Fifteen non-registers


 $ 189.00

​Three registers
Twenty non-registers


 Monthly Add-On Subscription​                             


No charge once you reached 10 locations

No charge once you reached 10 locations


 Monthly Add-On Subscription





*Lightning E-Commerce customers are required to purchase a domain name and an SSL certificate if they don't own it.​                           

Our Wine & Spirits retailers can take advantage of our image service where we provide thousands of product images and extended descriptions, plus weekly updates. 

All Lightning Plans include the following Products & Features:                  

  • Lightning Emergency Mode (off-line mode)
  •  Tech Support (7 days a week) 
  • Marketing Center
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Software Updates
  • Automatic Back-ups
  • Anytime Cancellation      

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