Elite Certification for Credit Card Processors

This page is designed for:
Credit card processors who wish to board their client(s) onto Lightning. Ideally, it is recommended you apply for Lightning Elite Certification as the guideline and fees are noted below. 
Retailers who wish to use a credit card processor that is not certified by Lightning, a monthly fee will apply. 

The Lightning Online Point of Sale Technology Platform works with a few processors as part of its Elite Certification Partner Program. Effective May 1, 2023, all retail customers that work with a non-certified credit card provider will be charged an additional monthly fee of $59. 
NOTE:  You can request your credit card processor to pay this fee on your behalf, which will drive them to complete the Elite Certification process. 
Credit card processors who wish to obtain Elite Certification are subject to a $250 initialization to cover the costs of the Elite onboarding process. Once the Elite Certification is accepted, there are no further fees, although processors must invest time and effort to maintain the accreditation.  

It is worth noting other POS vendors work exclusively with one processor for a reason. Then some POS vendors will allow the retailer to utilize a few different credit card processors; however, they are billed an additional monthly fee ranging from $ 99 to $400! Our practice is more customer friendly and reasonably priced, and we love when processors apply for Elite Certification. 

Benefits of obtaining Elite Certification

The credit card company will benefit from improved processes and controls while providing them with additional credibility. Plus, access to instant technical support. Best of all, once certified, Lightning will not require a percentage of their residuals which will remain one hundred percent in their pocket. 

Process of Obtaining Elite Certification
Credit card processors interested in obtaining this certification should use the link below to apply. Once your application is approved, the credit card processor will need to schedule a demo of the Lightning Platform for the benefit of its representatives. Understanding the platform and its many features is critical to building a long-term relationship and growing our mutual businesses. Generally, it takes about sixty days from inception to obtaining Elite Certification.

Elite Certification does not expire, provided the terms noted below are followed. 

1. Your company annually brings a minimum of six new customers to our platform.

     *Customer must not already be using Lightning w/another processor.
       A new customer is defined as a retail store that has never used Lightning.

NOTE:  Highly engaged partners, on average, bring twenty-four new merchants to our platform annually.  

2. Your company works in an organized fashion, respecting our time and that of our mutual retail customers, such as responding quickly and working with our Lightning support staff to resolve an issue.  Credit card processing must not be your side hustle. Our retail customers are our sole source of revenue, thus providing efficient and timely responses benefits all parties. Conversely, inefficiencies produce extra, unnecessary work and slow the resolution process. 

3. You must underwrite the transactions for no signature.  

We will be pleased to assist you in any aspect of our Elite Certification process.   

We encourage you to use this link to read our Vision, Mission and Core Corporate Values to ensure we build an enduring relationship.